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Exchange Migration

Exchange Migrations

Seamlessly migrating your Exchange environment

emailmigrationWith Microsoft Exchange being the leading and most popular messaging and collaboration system in the industry we understand the importance in keeping up to date with the latest versions.

The majority of exchange implementations within the average business are running at least Exchange 2003. Although Exchange 2003 is still an extremely powerful messaging system many businesses have chosen to upgrade their mail systems to Exchange 2007 or even to the latest version, Exchange 2010. The later platforms include additional features and provides an enhanced Outlook Web Access experience which entices businesses to migrate.

Don't be left behind

The longer that your business delays upgrading and stays with your current version of Exchange, the harder and more complex it will be to upgrade to the latest version of the messaging system. Currently Microsoft have made a one step migration from Exchange 2003 to 2007 or 2010. However older versions such as Exchange 2000 first require to be upgraded to 2003 in which case makes the upgrade a more costly project

Our Approach to migrate your Exchange organisation

MTC Solutions will document your whole Organisation and all software/equipment related to your Exchange mail system. The new Exchange server will be built and introduced to your infrastructure with no downtime. All mailboxes, groups and other mail objects will be migrated over with little downtime to keep your business as functional as possible.

We know how important mail is to your business. This is why we fully research and understand your infrastructure before deployment begins.